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Predictive Analytics


Predictive Analytics for FP&A

You don’t need to be a data scientist to tap into the power of your historical data to anticipate future behavior.

Peak Analytics designs predictive analytic solutions for business users leveraging Board’s predictive modeling engine (BEAM).

Our models focus on helping FP&A teams take advantage of predictive analytics for relevant use cases such as demand planning and cluster analysis.

We use BOARD BEAM to evaluate the characteristics of time series to produce forecasts. The forecast can be refined further to reflect the impact of external variables.

Demand Planning Use Case

The use of predictive analytics in Financial Planning & Analysis is gaining traction. Let's look at a practical example.

In the video on the left, we will explain a hypothetical case for demand planning in the dairy industry and how it fits into an Extended Planning & Analysis application.

Please note that the use case is at the conceptual level to highlight the most important topics.




This is a way to group the data based on common attributes. For example, the dairy producer may want to create a cluster analysis based on the profitability of their customers. 

The new profitability cluster will be available as a new dimension in the data model and ready for multi-dimensional analysis and reporting, which allows the business user to classify their customers and draw conclusions.

  • These are our best customers whom we need to service and prioritize.
  • These customers are less profitable, and we can pay less attention to them.

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Mathematicians and statistical experts have used predictive analytics for a long time. However, with the advent of analytical planning platforms, you no longer need to be a data scientist to apply predictive analytics to solve business problems.

Leading analytical planning platforms integrate predictive analytics with business intelligence and performance management, making it possible for FP&A teams to gain powerful business insights and act quickly.

These platforms simplify the analytical process by allowing business users to take more control rather than relying 100% on Data Scientists to develop the analytical data models needed.

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